Meet Firewall-Z

You might be thinking…why a new firewall product? Well…it’s NOT new. We use a popular open source firewall on a popular open source operating system (FreeBSD) then tweak it with various block lists, some that are publicly available and some that are not, add filter sets with SNORT and other security measures to protect networks from perimeter threats.

I liken it to a home builder using commonly available materials to build one hell of a home but it’s material you could go buy at a big box home improvement store! We’ve taken the best available parts and pieces readily available to everyone and built it into one hell of a firewall!

By default, the firewall is just like any other firewall. A cracker box put on a cul-de-sac sold starting from the $120’s (That’s 120k if you’ve never seen those housing developments). What we do is take that cracker box and jazz it up. In other words, we remodel a bit.

We’ve been running this platform at client sites now for 6 years and the past 6 months we’ve hardened our system. How we do what we do and we’ve centralized administration.

So…need a managed firewall product with a stellar track record of preventing threats? Give us a shot – free hardware! What’s the risk?

Free hardware and a low monthly subscription is available!

One thought on “Meet Firewall-Z

  1. Firewall-Z is great. I am an IT consultant and I use this technology with most of my client’s networks. It is easy to use, fast, and secure. Plus I don’t have to hassle with high license fees and renewals from the competitor’s products. Total WIN!

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