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What you should know:

The router operating system we use is hardware agnostic which is why we offer free and pay for options. It can even run on embedded hardware but because that hardware is less flexible we usually don't recommend it. The operating system is NOT the same as the full installation so we prefer putting it on actual PC hardware. That might seem odd to hear someone say that a router operating system should go on PC hardware but PC hardware is flexible! Need to add more memory? Crack it open, slap a stick of RAM into it and boot it up! Try that with a Sonicwall or Watchguard...good luck!

Need another NIC? Crack it open, look for an available PCI or PCIx slot, slap a card in (we usually recommend inexpensive Realtek NICs), fire it up and configure it on the web interface.'s that easy.

Flexible hardware to help you lose the bleeps, sweeps, and the creeps or less flexible hardware if you're so inclined.


Free Hardware:

The free hardware option is a refurbished PC, Intel or AMD class, 4 GB of RAM minimum and a solid state hard drive with multiple gigabit NICs. Why does this work you might ask? Because the operating system we use is FreeBSD with low overhead, the CPU's are usually dual core or better (up to quad core currently), they're usually small form factor Dells (SFF) and can route, do VPN, sniff packets, block, and filter like nobody's business!

Yes, if the hardware fails we send you another one - free as in free beer!

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Pay for Hardware:

If you're uncomfortable with "free" refurbished options we also have pay for appliances that rack mount nicely, are brand new and come with all the services our free units come with. Sizing options are available, processor, NIC count, memory, solid state storage. The operating system configuration is the same.

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  • Refurbished PC fully configured: Free
  • New computing unit fully configured: Contact for a quote
  • Monthly actively managed security & support flat fee with no gotchas or caveats on all models: $100 per month
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