Ad blocking capability of Firewall-Z

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Ads are annoying but even worse are the threats now presented by ads online – something that’s been around for a while called “malvertising”. By default on Firewall-Z we subscribe to a multitude of ad blocking lists to block advertisements and we also maintain our own custom ad blocking list.  Here’s an example of a […]

Ye Ole Probes can be probs

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Have you ever not been home only to get home and your home was emptied of all its contents by thieves? Maybe you’ve never had the luxury of having had that experience but if you’re not blocking non-business partner countries that’s just might be what happens! Here is a Firewall-Z log showing how attackers increment […]

Meet Firewall-Z

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You might be thinking…why a new firewall product? Well…it’s NOT new. We use a popular open source firewall on a popular open source operating system (FreeBSD) then tweak it with various block lists, some that are publicly available and some that are not, add filter sets with SNORT and other security measures to protect networks […]